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Hari Tum Haro – Gift from MS to Mahatma Gandhi

MS at Gandhiji’s prayer meeting In the beginning of this speech(1947), Gandhiji talks about MS Source : archive.org MS singing Ragupathi Raghava in a concert Here is a link to an article about Hari Tum Haro and how it was a gift from Smt M S Subbulakshmi to Mahatma Gandhi. Her Hymn ‘Through that night-long […]

Sep 2010 – Tribute to MS

MS and Gowri Ramnarayan Sep 16, 2010 was the 94th birth anniversary of Smt MS. Encosed below is a link to a tribute by Shri V Ramnarayan, the Editor of Sruti magazine. Queen of Song “Like everyone who has come into contact with MS, I was struck by her simplicity. Her essential goodness is foremost […]