The slokam Udyad Bhaanu Sahasra Koti Sadrshaam from Meenakshi Pancharatnam precedes Mayamma in Ragam Ahiri composed by Shyama Sastri

MS learnt these compositions from Dilip Kumar Roy, the son of Dwijendralal Roy.


1. Dhano Dhanya Pushpo Bora –   First Recording sung with Dilip Kumar Roy in 1940


2. PatitoDharini Gange



1.Mallika Bone    (Lyrics and Translation)

2. Jakhon Porbe Na Mor (Lyrics and Translation)

3.  He Nutan  (Lyrics)



Ninnu vina mari galada in Ragam Ritigowla composed by Shyama Sastri

From Music Academy Concert on  Dec 25, 1971

Radha Viswanathan – Vocal
Kandadevi S.Azhagiriswami – Violin
T.K.Murthy – Mridangam
V.Nagarajan – Khanjira
T.H.Vinayakaram – Ghatam

MS’ first movie was Sevasadanam released in 1938 when MS was 22 years old.

In the Hindu FrontLine article titled ‘A progressive film-maker’ , S Viswanathan writes

“Subramanyam introduced a number of artists to a career in films, foremost among them being the Carnatic music stalwart M.S. Subbulakshmi.
Seva Sadhanam championed the cause of women’s equality. Based on a novel by Premchand, the film was a bitter attack on the dowry system”




It was jointly produced by  K Subramanyam and Sadasivam.

ms with baby saroja and director subramanyam 1939

 Songs from Sevasadanam (Sources : and Youtube)

ms sevasadan

1.Guha Saravana Bhava (Ikaparam) in Ragam Simhendramadhyamam; Composer:Papanasam Sivan.  It has a lovely tisram in the charanam.

Decades later, Guha Saravana Bhava in a concert


2. Needucharana in Ragam Kalyani;Composer: Pallavi Gopala Iyer

Decades later, Needucharana in a concert


3. Enna Seiven in Ragam Shriranjani;Composer:Papanasam Sivan


4. Un uruvam Kal unri 


5.  Adaravatravarkkellam


6.  Youtube Link – Shyama Sundara  in Ragam Thillang (Tune is based on the Bhajan Shyama Sundara that MS had learnt from Pt Narayan Rao Vyas)