1) Vishnu Sahasranamam

In the interview, A daughter remembers, Radha shares, ‘It was Musiri who had advised them about the importance of ‘voice synchrony;’ he had told Radha, “Your voice should blend with MS’s and sound like a single, integrated tenor.” No wonder their Vishnu Sahasranamam recording is known for this quality! “In the line, “Amaaani Maanado Maanyo,” when MS briefly stopped to take a breath, it had to be re-recorded, but Amma insisted it be left alone. ‘Let people know that Radha sang along,’ Amma said.”’

Youtube Link to Vishnu Sahasranamam at the start of this line  

2)  Radha singing in the higher octaves in the Padam learnt from Smt T Brinda

moratopu in ragam sahana, composer : kshetrajna


3) Radha singing the Raga Alapana for Purvikalyani before the song Jnanamosagarada


4) Radha explaining Ragam Tanam Pallavi at a concert in USA in 1966 


5) Radha doing the Anulomam for the Pallavi (at the very end of the Pallavi in Ragam Bhairavi – Dharavi Dalita Kuvalaya


6) Radha leading the Bhajan Kasi Pate (when MS and Radha participated in a Bhajan Mandali at Vasant Vihar Chennai

Solo Concert by Radha Viswanathan in All India Radio 

Accompanists : Shri Kandadevi Azhagiriswamy(Violin) and Shri T K Murthy(Mridangam)

Source : sangeethapriya.org

1.Sriman Narayana in Ragam Bhouli, composer : Annamacharya, tuned by Kadayanallur Venkatraman


2. Devi Neye Thunai in Ragam Keeravani, composer : Papanasam Sivan


3. Sobillu Saptaswara in Ragam Jaganmohini, composer: Thyagaraja


4.Bhajare Re Chitha in Ragam Kalyani, composer: Dikshithar


5. Kitne Dosh bhajan in Raag Kaafi


6. Athane Paduve in Ragam Hamsanandi, composer:Purandaradasa


7. Aliveni Padam in Ragam Kurinji. composer :Svati Tirunaal


Radha, the BharataNatyam Artist

From Veejai Sai’s Tribute to Radha 

“The world of music knew Radha as MS’ daughter. She was a dancer, to begin with, a student of Vazhuvoor B Ramaiyah Pillai, Radha was his first student along with Anandhi, daughter of famous writer Kalki Krishanmurthi.
Today, the Vazhuvoor tradition is thriving and we should thank Radha for being the trigger for it. Now, it is all codified and we know the vocabulary of the dance form. She is the uncrowned queen of the Vazhuvoor tradition.”

Read about Radha-Anandhi Arangetram

As Bala Meera in the movie Meera 

  1. Song : Nandabala ;  YouTube Link (Tamil Meera Movie)
  2. Dance : Radha(Bala Meera) dancing with Kamala Lakshman – Youtube Link 
  3. Song: Asharana sharaney shyaama harey – Youtube Link 

As Bharata in the movie Sakuntalai 

Youtube Link to the Movie Sakuntalai