A new website on M.S.Subbulakshmi was released in December 2008. The website is intended as a tribute in her memory.
M.S.S and Radha : photo by Avinash Pasricha

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  1. K R N says:

    Janaki Swamy,Mumbai,27/4/’10

    Once I had a disorientation problem due to Aspirin tablets I had to take. I felt very odd and strange in my mind.I told my husband…He said ” Dont worry ,let us hear MS Bhajans on the video” and switched on. You wont believe, by the end of the one hour concert I felt ABSOLUTELY normal in my mind. Tears rolled down my cheecks! An unparalleled experience I ever had in my life.
    This speaks volume about her music which is a great therapy.well, i am at aloss of words to express the greatness of her music.

  2. Leeonline says:

    Words fail when anyone has to say or comment on Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt M S Subbulakshmi.

    Right from my young days when my father used to play her songs on LP records, she has always caught our fascination in her voice. It was a heavenly experience in listening to her Suprabhatam early morning or Vishnu Sahasranama recitation. Even today,the Lord Himself wakes only by hearing to her voice. What a bhagyam that she must have had to wake the Lord himself with her voice for she must have done bathed the Lord in honey in her previous birth to get this voice.

    Its sad that she is not with us anymore, but however her music will continue to be as along as the world live on.

    I take this oppurtunity to express my sincere homage to Great Saint of Indian Music.

  3. Rajeswari.Ravi says:

    this blog is a great opportunity to share the memories i had with M.S. Amma.
    I feel myself blessed to recieve my first silver lamp as aprize from the hands of M.S. Amma.
    15 th may 1981 wa a memorable day in my life. I had the previliege to sing before M.S. Amma
    for nearly one hour at Mrs. Radha vishwanathan’s residence ‘radhika” . i feel myself blessed to be appreciated by such a genius gifted with a rare talent & divinity & for me she was an incarnation of goddess saraswati.
    when i asked for her autograph she not only gave her autograph but also wrote in tamil” eppoudum ningal nanraga paadi kondu kshemamaga irukka iraivanai prarthikirain”
    this was indeed a treasure for me .she also sent her greetings for my marriage which was the greatest present for my married life.

  4. Sivaram says:

    I noticed that R. Ganapathy is credited with the Sanskrit shlokas that MS sometimes used before her songs. I am familiar with two of them. “Nama Pranavatha” and “Papakayacha dharmasya”. Are there any others?

  5. ashwath says:

    if anyone has rare video recordings of ms amma please do upload them and make us benefit form it.preferably a full fledged comcert of amma’s.

  6. Vyshak says:

    MS amma is the most ultimate musician & will remain the Supreme of all till carnatic music exists on Earth ! It may be her flawless brigas in her alapanas or her bhakthi in the bhajans or her innovative sangathis in kritis or her thrilling tanams .. She is Matchless !! The website “msstribute” is such an amazing experience to all of us .. Thank you admns for your efforts in taking us to another world .. Truly a divine experience !!

  7. Tirunellai Kailas says:

    When I listen to MSS singing, I thank god that HE has created a person like MSS, gifted with such a rare talent with divinity. Be it Vishnu Sahasranamam or Balaji Suprabatham or any Thaiagraja Swami’s kirthanas, MSS always trasnports us to that divine world. For me she was Goddess Saraswathi incarnated.Long live her memory and God bless her soul for ever.


  8. Swamy says:

    Yesterday (13th Dec) is a memorable day in my life. I had the previlige to be part of a function to witness the launch of Book and website in tribute to MS. I will cherish the book got. I always thought that why there is no one from the family has come forward to share with the public about the great mucisian in the age of modern communication. My thought is now put into action by the wonderful family members and I can see the efforts and pains put into action. As Mr Cho Ramaswamy stated MS & Shri Sadashivam has born to give to others than to take. Such rare gems are hard to find and I am grateful to God that I was born during their era to witness such greatness. My humble prayer is to get this website sustainable in the long run and many rasikas across the globe will cherish to be part of this initiative.

  9. Navaneet Krishnan Venkatesan says:

    Smt Radha Viswanathan (Radha Mami to us students) is a great Sangeeta Vidushi. Apart from her illustrious mother & Semmangudi Ayyarval, she has also learnt from musical giants like Sri T.R.Balasubrahmanyam, Ramnad Krishnan & Mayavaram Krishna Aiyar. She learnt veena under Sri K.S.Narayanaswami, a lesser known fact. She has learnt jointly with M.S. Amma from Sri Musiri Subrahmanya Aiyar, Sri K.V.Narayanaswami & Smt T.Brinda. They have also learnt Hindustani music from Smt Siddheshwari Devi & Sri Dilip Kumar Roy. Her repertoire is truly vast, her memory infallible. Even today at the advanced age of 74, she can recall events, dates, and songs with utmost accuracy. Despite years of ill-health, even today when she sings in class she can produce even the subtlest brikas & gamakas with utmost felicity. She is a very patient but strict teacher – if she realises you have the potential to sing well, she will make you repeat a sangati 50 times until you get it right! (something she does with me always). Her smile can truly light up a hundred dark rooms, and she is quick to appreciate a well sung sangati by a student. She is very devout to the memory of all her gurus, her mother, and God. Her child-like & loving nature endear her to one & all. I am truly blessed that I have been chosen to learn from her. I sincerely pray to the Lord to bless her with a long, healthy life, filled with musical bliss & Divine Grace.

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