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MS Repertoire – Sakhi Prana (Javali)

A rare recording of MS singing with her guru Shri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer at an informal gathering of friends and family.   There is also veena accompaniment and it is not certain if it is MS herself playing the veena or if it is Shri K S Narayanaswamy playing the veena.   Source: sangeethapriya.org

MS Repertoire – Dhava vibho karunakara Madhava

  Dhava vibho karunakara Madhava – A song that perhaps made its concert debut at  MS’ concert at the Mahamaham in Kumbakonam in the 1930s In  the book MS&Radha  Gowri Ramnarayan writes – ” What was the song that your husband remembers so well ? Kunjamma disclosed it was a Marathi song that she had […]