MS Repertoire – Dhava vibho karunakara Madhava



Dhava vibho karunakara Madhava – A song that perhaps made its concert debut at  MS’ concert at the Mahamaham in Kumbakonam in the 1930s

In  the book MS&Radha  Gowri Ramnarayan writes – ” What was the song that your husband remembers so well ? Kunjamma disclosed it was a Marathi song that she had learned somewhere in Madurai, possibly rendered originally by Bal Gandharva. She began to sing it.

Dhava vibho kaurunakara Madhava Deva dayanidhe Devaki nandana

As the song flowed around the room in a golden stream, the grandniece remembered seeing it as a child in an old notebook of handwritten Bhajans.

Janana Marana bhaya harana

There was no hall, no audience, no mike but Subbulakshmi’s voice rang as if she were singing in a  huge theatre before a vast crowd. The words came in swells again and again. Her eyes were closed, her hands moved like petals in the breeze, and incandescence filled the air ….”

Dhava vibho – from MS’ concert at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai in 1969 –  Source :




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