MS’ Piano

The piano that MS played

An article in The Hindu where “Pianist Anil Srinivasan writes about discovering the instrument on which the legendary musician played many a times… “

“A few weeks ago, I was taken to the instrument room at Kalakshetra by its director and my friend, Leela Samson. As the doors were thrown open, I was arrested by the sight of a beautiful baby grand piano.
As I look ahead to the concert on July 24 (2009) at Kalakshetra to celebrate MS and her piano, I feel nervous and exhilarated. It is a milestone in my life.

MSS – Multi-lingual Invocation – Link to Youtube upload by paramparaa1916

the invocation on the eve of the inauguration of the 6th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology, held in Madras, on 04th January, 1976. Since the delegates to the conference were from different nations, this invocation was rendered in 5 languages.”

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