MS Repertoire – Songs from Sevasadanam (1938)

MS’ first movie was Sevasadanam released in 1938 when MS was 22 years old.

In the Hindu FrontLine article titled ‘A progressive film-maker’ , S Viswanathan writes

“Subramanyam introduced a number of artists to a career in films, foremost among them being the Carnatic music stalwart M.S. Subbulakshmi.
Seva Sadhanam championed the cause of women’s equality. Based on a novel by Premchand, the film was a bitter attack on the dowry system”




It was jointly produced by  K Subramanyam and Sadasivam.

ms with baby saroja and director subramanyam 1939

 Songs from Sevasadanam (Sources : and Youtube)

ms sevasadan

1.Guha Saravana Bhava (Ikaparam) in Ragam Simhendramadhyamam; Composer:Papanasam Sivan.  It has a lovely tisram in the charanam.

Decades later, Guha Saravana Bhava in a concert


2. Needucharana in Ragam Kalyani;Composer: Pallavi Gopala Iyer

Decades later, Needucharana in a concert


3. Enna Seiven in Ragam Shriranjani;Composer:Papanasam Sivan


4. Un uruvam Kal unri 


5.  Adaravatravarkkellam


6.  Youtube Link – Shyama Sundara  in Ragam Thillang (Tune is based on the Bhajan Shyama Sundara that MS had learnt from Pt Narayan Rao Vyas)




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