MS Repertoire – Range of Genres

The galaxy of genres span South Indian Classical (Carnatic) and North Indian Classical (Hindustani) Music.

A glimpse from the vast repertoire of MS.


MS and Radha participated in a Bhajan Mandali held at Vasant Vihar Chennai.   MS is leading this Namavali – Gowri Nandana Gajanana

2. Adi Tala Varnam 

Entho Prema in Ragam Surutti composed by Tiruvottiyur Thyagaraja

3. Ata Tala Varnam

Viribhoni – in Ragam Bhairavi  sung in 1960s

4. Abhang 

Sundarathey Dhyana in Raga Yaman Kalyan

5. Bhajan 

Gave Guni Gani  in Raga Desh sung in 1950s

6. Kavadi Chindu 

Manju Nihar

7. Svarajathi 

Amba Kamakshi in Ragam Bhairavi, Mishra Chapu Talam composed by Shyama Sastri

Nee Saati in Ragam Shriranjani composed by Dikshithar

8. Pancharatnams composed by Thyagaraja

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9. Devar Nama composed by Purandaradasa

The Karnataka Government had organised the 400th Purandara Jayanti at the Purandara Mantap on the banks of the Tungabhadra in Hampi. M.S. was to inaugurate the concert in the evening.On the morning of the concert, a few women near the riverbank were talking among themselves in Tamil, wondering whether they would get a darshan of M.S.At the same time, a group of Tamil women was walking towards the river to have a holy dip. The women walked up to those seated and inquired about their welfare.On learning about their desire, a middle-aged woman instantaneously squatted on the sands and sang Dasana madiko enna swami, Elliruvano Ranga emba samshaya beda and Enduro mahanubhavulu!u. TRS who was present there was so overwhelmed by the bhakti that he fell prostrate before the great M.S. “Every rasika is a Purandara-Kanaka-Tyagaraja and other saint composers to me. So a rasika’s wish is a command to be obeyed at once,” she told him.G.T. Narayana Rao, Tiruchi, T.N.” (from Letters to the Editor, Hindu)

Listen to the songs from this concert at Hampi, 1964 at the link below


10. Dadra 

Muraliya in Raag Mishra Khamaj

11. Shabad

Thakur Tum Charan in Raag Maand

12. Rabindra Sangeet

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13. Tarangam composed by Narayana Teertha

Govinda Miha in Ragam Bageshri, Talam Khanda Chapu

14. Pasurams –  verses written between 7th – 9th Century AD

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15. Tevaram – verses written in 7th century AD 


16. Viruttams

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17. Sanskrit Slokas


18. Suprabhatam – Recordings

Venkateswara Suprabhatham

Kamakshi Suprabhatham

Kasi Rameshwara Suprabhatham

tiruvenkatamudaiyaan tiruppalliye (Sri venkatesa suprabhatam in tamil)

Meenakshi Suprabhatam

19. Kritis 

Marubalka in Ragam Shriranjani composed by Thyagaraja

Shri Krishna Bhaja manasa in Ragam Thodi composed by Dikshithar 

Mayamma in Ragam Ahiri composed by Shyama Sastri 

20. Thillana 

Surutti Thillana composed by Mysore Vasudevacharya

21. Ghazal  

Ishrate Qatra composed by Mirza Galib; Part of  11 Languages Record

22. Thiruppugazh 

Apakaara Nindai in Ragam Chakravaham ; Verses written by Arunagirinathar

23. Javali

Cheli nenetlu in ragam Paras,  composition of Tanjore Chinnayya,

24. Ragam Tanam Pallavi 

Link :

25. Padam

moratopu calada in ragam sahana, composer Kshetragna

26.  MelaRagaMalika Chakra composed by Shri Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer  – Recording in 1989


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